Catalysis is honored to have been invited to be a sponsor at this SPE Thermoforming Division webinar on The Benefits of Additive Manufactured Tooling on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

This webinar addressed:

  • Opportunities for cost and time savings
  • Catalysis tooling compared to a Renwood tool
  • Catalysis tooling background, such as tool finish, strength, thermal management
  • Number of parts that can be produced from Catalysis tooling
  • Tool modifications that can be achieved with Catalysis tooling
  • The Catalysis Tooling deliverables: tool design, engineering, 3D printing, thermoforming process understanding, proprietary tool coating packages, tool post processing and finishing, base design, and tool assembly.


Darrell Stafford, President & CEO

Nobody knows more about 3D printed tooling than Catalysis founder, Darrell Stafford! Darrell is a mechanical engineer with over 31 years of experience at Honda of America Manufacturing.  Over the course of his career with Honda, Darrell worked in auto assembly and equipment development before ultimately wrapping up his last five years with the company serving as the Honda North America Lead for Additive Manufacturing across all Honda Business Teams (styling, development, manufacturing, tooling, end life parts).

The foundation of Catalysis was developed around his 31+ years as a mechanical engineer and his passion for providing more efficient & cost effective tooling options.


Huge THANK YOU to SPE Thermoforming Division for inviting us to sponsor their webinar on Tuesday! Our entire Catalysis team is grateful for the opportunity to further extend our education regarding The Benefits of Additive Manufactured Tooling & appreciate the platform provided to do so.

THANK YOU to all of the attendees who dedicated time out of their busy day to attend! We know your time is valuable & are honored that you chose to spend your Tuesday afternoon with us.