Vacuum Forming with 3D Printed Tooling

Vacuum forming with conventional metal tooling can be expensive and also have a long delivery time. Now, imagine if there was a better tooling method that could actually cut that cost and time nearly in half. At Catalysis, we provide low-cost 3D printed tooling that enables low volume production parts to be produced in half the time and at half the cost of traditional tooling.

3D Printed Tooling
Catalysis FX™ Tooling

  • Mass production quality level
  • 50% the cost of traditional tooling
  • 1-2 weeks manufacturing time
  • 103” inches to date (very scalable technology)

Compared to Conventional Tooling Methods

Metal Vacuum Forming Tool

  • Typically formed from solid pieces of metal
  • Process can be very time consuming
  • Expensive tooling costs

Ren / Wood Board

  • Limited production volumes
  • Tool delaminates
  • Unable to keep optimal tool temperature