Vacuum Forming with 3D Printed Die

Vacuum forming with conventional metal tooling can be expensive and also have a long delivery time. Now, imagine if there was a better tooling method that could actually cut that cost and time nearly in half. At Catalysis, we provide low-cost 3D printed tooling that enables low volume production parts to be produced in half the time and at half the cost of traditional tooling.

Conventional Tooling Methods

Metal Vacuum Forming Tool

  • Typically formed from solid pieces of metal
  • Process can be very time consuming and expensive
  • Limited production volumes

Ren / Wood Board

  • Limited production volumes
  • Tool delaminates
  • Unable to keep optimal tool temperature

3D Printed Tooling

  • Quick turnaround time (1-2 weeks)
  • More complexity a higher advantage for 3D printed tooling
  • Up to 1000 parts with Catalysis “FX” tool
  • High volume with Catalysis Metal Tool

From a valued customer…

Shirley K Logo

“This breakthrough is allowing customers and entrepreneurs to develop and test their products in half the time of standard tooling development at a fraction of the cost.”
~ Carrie Matheney, CEO and President, Shirley K’s Storage Trays