Combining 3D Printed Tooling and Conventional Manufacturing

One Stop Shop

Catalysis Additive Tooling has the capability to design and 3D-print tooling. We can manufacture parts as well, providing our customers with a “One Stop Shop”. We are able to provide mass production level low to medium volume parts in half the time and for half the cost when compared to traditional tooling.

Direct 3D Printed Parts

At Catalysis Additive Tooling, we can also Direct 3D Print parts, which is typically used in product development. Direct 3D Print parts is a tool that facilitates part and tooling development.

The Complete Solution

The Catalysis Additive Tooling advantage is the we offer the complete solution for our customers’ tooling and part needs. We can support development and engineering needs in addition to 3D Direct Print of parts, designing a 3D printed tool, printing the tool, and manufacturing the Mass Production level parts/Parts Quality confirmation.

What We Know

The Catalysis Additive Tooling Team has experience in 3D Printing, Engineering, Product Design, Product Development, Multiple Manufacturing Sectors, Packaging, and Supplier Development.

Companies we do business with:



Catalysis had the privilege of producing the below statue for the Franklinton Arts District to introduce as a new award named for former Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman — a supporter of Franklinton during his time in office — to recognize someone who has made a significant contribution to the neighborhood’s art scene.


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