Darrell Stafford
President & CEO

Darrell is a Mechanical Engineer with over 31 years of experience at Honda of America Mfg. Over the course of his career with Honda, Darrell worked in Auto Assembly and Equipment Development before ultimately wrapping up his last five years with the company serving as the Honda North America Lead for Additive Manufacturing across all Honda Business Teams (Styling, Development, Manufacturing, Tooling, End Life Parts).

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Rick Shibko
Director of Business Development

Rick’s career has been in the Purchasing Division at Honda of America Mfg. During his 29 years with the company, he worked in N.A. Procurement, New Model Development, Supply Chain Management, and N.A. Logistics. His experience in Purchasing has provided him with a background in New Model Development at both Honda and OEM Suppliers. It has also given him a wealth of experience in understanding and working through the challenges in Supply Chain Management, including Tooling and Packaging Development.

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Darrin Love
Manufacturing Manager

Darrin has 30+ years of experience at Ball Corporation as a licensed Tool & Die maker and machinist. He is responsible for the assembly process, including all finishing, post processing, polishing, manufacturing, die assembly, quality control and finds the link between design and end user. If he can’t make it, nobody can!

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Tim Parker
Business Development Manager

Tim graduated from the Baker School of Aeronautics and retired from Navy in 1997. He brings 30+ years of tooling experience to Catalysis, a fresh perspective on how to disrupt the tooling market with additive manufacturing and years of conventional tooling experience to draw upon.

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Jack Stafford
Lead Project Manager/Business Development Member

Jack has 5 years of 3D Printing/Thermoforming experience & is well-rounded in his knowledge of tooling, manufacturing processes. His knowledge and expertise in 3D Printing & manufacturing processes is highly valued at Catalysis. Using his knowledge, Jack handles Quoting, Project management, Design management/coordinator, sales & looks forward to growing his career with Catalysis.

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Jessie Shibko
Business Management & Development Lead

Jessie is the face of social media & marketing for Catalysis. Using her Master’s degree in Business Psychology, background in psychology & experience in B2B marketing, she helps Catalysis connect with customers. You can find her actively engaged on Catalysis LinkedIn & editing upcoming Tooling Tuesday videos!

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Advisory Board

Jon Minto

Jon is a former president of Honda Engineering North America. He is a Mechanical Engineer and comes to Catalysis with 30 years of tooling engineering & production management leadership.

John Knight

John is the former owner of Fabriform Thermoforming Company. He is a Mechanical Engineer and comes to Catalysis with 40 years of thermoforming & leadership experience.

Manufacturing Representatives

Rick Neff

Rick is a Mechanical Engineer and a Technical & Marketing Consultant for RICK NEFF, LLC. He has 40 years of experience helping manufacturing customers utilize technology to improve profitability.

Rob Sanville

Rob joins the Catalysis team of Manufacturing Reps with 27 years of experience in the tech industry, BS in Physics & an MBA. His experience includes roles in R&D, Product Management, Quality Operations and GMSix Sigma Black Belt.

Jeff OHarra 

Jeff is the President at PrimeResource & brings 30+ years of experience providing manufacturing & prototype solutions. His main focus is on design, prototyping, and manufacturing suppliers and solutions.

Strategic Partners


Denis Bruncak
CEO, D-TERRA Solutions

Denis is a highly experienced Chief Executive who has held several executive positions with companies in both the After Market Auto Parts and Supply Chain and Logistics industries. He founded D-TERRA Solutions in 2012. D-TERRA is a product manufacturing and supply chain services company with global reach and expertise. D-TERRA Solutions and Catalysis Additive Tooling work together to support customer requirements from one part to millions of parts.


Richard Troxell
President, C&T Engineering

Richard is the proud founder and owner of C&T Engineering for over 32 years. C&T Engineering is a large OEM full service Plastic Injection Molder with over 15 machines from 66 ton to 500 ton. Catalysis and C&T have worked together to optimize the application of 3D Printed Tooling and Plastic Injection Molding.