“Catalysis designed and manufactured the first vacuum formed tool in 5 days. We made significant design changes and they designed & manufactured the second vacuum forming tool in 3 days. This enabled us to keep on schedule.”

Troy Ward, Indiana Fab Solutions

“Using 3D printed tooling we got from Catalysis Additive Tooling let us get a new tool without causing the customer any downtime. Great company to team with for your 3D tooling needs.”

Scott St. Clair, Reliable Formed Plastics

“Our KYDEX® appLab™ team, focused on a fast-track project was presented a seemingly insurmountable challenge. A last minute design change meant we needed six thermoforming tools produced in four days. We turned to the one partner that could provide the quality, precision, and quick response required – Catalysis Additive Tooling. And they delivered more than we imagined within 48 hours. A true partner for our rapid development innovation model.”


18 large vacuum forming tooling completed in 3 weeks

“To do this tooling with metal tooling would’ve been extremely expensive, and a lot longer lead time. So, being able to fo that for the cost we have to do this has really been a game changer for us.”

Rick Lucas, ExOne

“Another innovative tool by our friends at Catalysis Additive Tooling. Their processes are exponentially improving the speed of “idea” to “execution”. Some companies talk about innovation and others actually innovate. The SEKISUI KYDEX team is grateful to be working with Darrell Stafford and Rick Shibko on how to make great ideas into great products rapidly.”


“A modification of this tool was needed in very little time. Catalysis Additive Tooling designed and printed an insert to modify the tool and was able to get it done in just 2 days. The quick response enabled us to keep on schedule.”

Troy Ward, Indiana Fab Solutions

“We managed to find a gap and run your sample tool. Very – very impressive! The detail that is achieved is quite nice, the vacuum draw was so fast you barely had time to see it take place. Again, the end detail of the part in curves and the walls down to the mounting board is super clean.”

Roger, Salient Solutions

“I can personally say that the quality and follow through with Catalysis is second to none. I am currently cutting a PO for 3 more tools with zero regrets. I only wish I could come up with something more challenging for them!”