SEKISUI KYDEX recently came to us needing 6 thermoforming tools completed in 4 days for their Butterfly 2.0 project due to a last minute design change. With traditional tooling methods, this would typically take weeks to complete. We were able to complete 6 Catalysis FX™ vacuum formed tools in just 48 hours, allowing them to meet project deadlines!

  • 6 tools
  • 20″ x 10″
  • No vacuum holes
  • Sand blast tool surface finish
  • Not plastic 3d printing
  • All tools completed in less than 48 hours


“Our KYDEX® appLab team, focused on a fast-track project, was a presented a seemingly insurmountable challenge. A last minute design change meant we needed six thermoforming tools produced in four days. We turned to the one partner that could provide the quality, precision, and quick response required – Catalysis Additive Tooling. And they delivered more than we imagined within 48 hours. A true partner for our rapid development innovation model.”

– Ronn Cort, COO & President, SEKISUI KYDEX

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