Plastic Injection Tooling

Conventional tooling methods for Plastic Injection can be expensive at the prototype level and can come with a long delivery time. Low-cost 3D printed tooling combined with a standard plastic injection process enables low volume production parts to be produced with a greater than 50% cost reduction at a 50% reduction in delivery time.

Conventional Tooling Methods

  • Conventional tooling methods for Plastic Injection is expensive and can have a long delivery time
  • Prototype & low volume parts are very expensive based on tooling amortization
  • More complexity increases cost exponentially

3D Printed Tool

  • Quick turnaround time (2-3 weeks)
  • Minimal to high volume parts (50-100)
    **Dependent on 3D printing technology that we apply**
  • Cost of tooling is 50% lower when compared to conventional tooling methods

From a valued customer…

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“Catalysis Has Moved To The Next Step In Utilizing 3D Printed Metal Molds To Significantly Reduce Cycle Time, Improve Quality And Reduce Costs For High Volume Production.”
~ Spenser Bardsley, Perchmount