Plastic Injection with 3D Printed Molds

At the prototype level of any design process, the need for functional parts (manufacturer production materials) for testing of product designs are commonly obtained at a high cost and with a long delivery based on tooling design & manufacture. Plastic injection is a common process to manufacture high volume plastic parts.

3D Printed Molds

  • Suitable for high temperature plastics such as polypropylene, TPO, TPU, etc.
  • Very complex shapes can be easily and quickly printed
  • Does not require hand finishing; can go directly from the 3D printing machine to part manufacturing

Conventional Metal Molds

  • Formed from solid pieces of metal, the process can be time consuming and expensive
Standard Plastic Injection Process

Uses one (1) die
Uses fluid pressure
High accuracy parts
Good surface finish
Minimal if any post processing
Cost effective at high volumes

Finished Part

Low cost 3D printed tooling combined with a standard plastic injection process enables low volume production parts to be produced with a greater than 50% cost reduction at a 50% reduction in delivery time.

3D Printed Mold +
Plastic Injection

50 Parts
2 Week delivery
$57.90 per part

Prototype Parts for
Product Development

Total Savings
Time: 3 Weeks

Conventional Metal Mold +
Plastic Injection

50 Parts
5 Week delivery
$176.90 per part