Over the last year, Catalysis Additive Tooling is honored to have been featured in Additive Manufacturing Media 3 times! We appreciate all of the time and effort Additive Manufacturing Media & Stephanie Hendrixson has put into showcasing Catalysis and the work we are trying to provide the Additive Manufacturing industry. 

Fast-Tracking the Supply Chain with 3D Printed Tooling

This was the very first article written by Additive Manufacturing Media & Stephanie Hendrixson, also featured in the Manufacturing Magazine. Stephanie visited our facilities in July 2018 to see first-hand what Catalysis Additive Tooling is all about. You can read more about this visit here.

“Catalysis Additive Tooling is building a one-stop supply chain for production quantities ranging from one to one million. 3D-printed tooling and relationships are key.”

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Additive Manufacturing Offers a Tooling Alternative

This article features a video of Stephanie Hendrixson, Senior Editor discussing the benefits of using 3D Printed tooling to reduce cost & time. She uses some of our tools to explain the benefits of using 3D printed tooling versus conventional tooling methods.

“3D printing can offer a cost-effective alternative to conventionally produced tooling for those processes that depend on it.”

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3D Printer Parts Made with 3D Printed Tooling

Stephanie Hendrixson, Senior Editor at Additive Manufacturing recently published an article on 3D Printer Parts Made with 3D Printed Tooling, featuring Catalysis and ExOne. This article features the recent work between Catalysis and ExOne and the X1 25PRO project. Make sure you check out this article about 3D printing machines building 3D printing machines using Catalysis FX vacuum forming tools!

“Accelerated timelines, fast design changes and low volumes — in many ways, 3D printing is the right market for 3D printing. ExOne’s newest generation of machines includes parts vacuum formed on 3D printed tools developed by Catalysis Additive Tooling.”

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