What is Computational Thermoforming?

Computational thermoforming is the process where a 3D design is printed on a plastic sheet and the plastic sheet is thermoformed over the 3D printed tool. The result of forming parts using computational is you have a full color 3D part.

Example of Computational Thermoforming:

Below Photo Credit via YouTube: Christian Schüller

Plastic sheet with 3D design

Plastic sheet is thermoforming over the 3D printed tool

2 Catalysis 3D Printed Vacuum Forming Tools

These 2 Catalysis 3D printed vacuum forming tools are going to be used to form parts using the computational thermoforming process. Computational thermoforming is a great process to use if you are wanting to print a full color part for your project.

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This is just one of many examples of the benefits of utilizing Catalysis for your tooling needs.

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