“Catalysis 3D printed tooling and innovation has reduced prototyping and tooling costs for new concept design more than 50% compared to traditional methods. This breakthrough is allowing customers and entrepreneurs to develop and test their products in half the time of standard tooling development at a fraction of the cost.”
— Carrie Matheney, CEO and President, Shirley K’s

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Application of 3D Printed Tooling to Reduce Tool Cost and Delivery Schedule


Shirley K is a small vacuum forming company located in Zanesville, Ohio. They apply traditional tooling and processes to vacuum forming plastic parts for a variety of customers.


With the objective of improving upon their already successful business, Shirley K sought to reduce product development costs and lead times while also optimizing product quality.


Catalysis Additive Tooling introduced Shirley K to 3D printed tooling, a.k.a. Additive Manufacturing, as a perfect solution.