2018 has been a HUGE year for Catalysis & it’s hard to believe we are already gearing up for 2019! We thought this would be a good time to reflect on this year and all of the amazing highlights. From attending meetings, listening to experts in additive manufacturing, attending & presenting at conferences, magazine features, webinars, it was truly a great year.

Here are some of our highlights.

January 31: NEO Cluster Meeting

We traveled to the first Northeast Ohio AM cluster meeting of 2018! This is a quarterly cluster meeting, where we were able to hear from various experts in Additive Manufacturing speak about their innovations & advancements in 3D printing. This was a great meeting to attend as we were able to learn what other companies in additive manufacturing are doing.

Included in the speakers, was our very own President & CEO, Darrell Stafford. He spoke about Binder Jet Technology for Tooling & presented on 3 topic areas and presented tooling examples on: Thermoforming tooling, Metal tooling, Pattern making.

February 21: Webinar with PolymerOhio

We hosted the first of two webinars with PolymerOhio. In this fist webinar, we talked about Additive Tooling Solutions for Vacuum Forming, where we spoke about how we apply 3D printing to make tooling to make vacuum formed parts. Our vacuum forming partner, Carrie Matheney, CEO of Shirley K’s also spoke during this webinar. She talked about how we put those functional parts in the hands of our customers in half the time and half the cost of traditional methods.

March 12: Akron SPE March Member Meeting

President & CEO, Darrell Stafford spoke at this meeting on the topic of Additive Tooling for Injection Molding & Vacuum Forming Processes. He explained why Additive Tooling is a competitive option for manufacturing tooling & presented different types of tooling (ranging from polymer to 3D printed metal). He also spoke about the benefit of conformal cooling/heating in thermoplastic and thermoset plastic injection.


June 13-14: SAMPE Conference

We presented at the Sampe Hands-on workshop for Additive Tooling. This was a 2 day workshop providing attendees with a better understanding of additive manufacturing through small classes, experts in the field, on-site and off-site tours and hands-on experiences working with real additive manufacturing equipment & materials. Our presentation was on applying additive manufacturing to reduce tooling costs and delivery time.



July 18: Stephanie Hendrixson from Additive Manufacturing Magazines comes to Catalysis

Catalysis was honored to welcome Additive Manufacturing Magazine to our facilities. We discussed our disruptive technologies and how we used our combined expertise to develop the unique foundation of Catalysis.



September 24-26: SPE Thermoforming Conference in Texas

A part of our team traveled from Columbus, Ohio to Fort Worth, Texas to exhibit at the 26th annual SPE Thermoforming Conference. This conference took place at the Fort Worth Convention Center and Omni Fort Worth Hotel. This was a great opportunity to meet with people in the thermoforming industry from around the country and even overseas.



October 5: Hosted a Webinar with PolymerOhio

We hosted our second Webinar with PolymerOhio on Innovative Applications for 3D Printed Tooling. This webinar introduced our additive tooling solutions for vacuum forming, foaming and composites. We had the opportunity to introduce our company, explain our technologies to attendees and answer various questions.



October 17-18: AMTS Conference

Catalysis was honored to exhibit at the Additive Manufacturing Technology Show (AMTS) in Dayton, Ohio with Shirley K’s! We used this opportunity to showcase our partnership and explain to potential customers how we can save the time and money.



November 12: Additive Manufacturing Magazine Feature

Catalysis was honored to have been featured in the November 2018 issue of Additive Manufacturing Magazine. Stephanie Hendrixson wrote a wonderful article about Catalysis from her visit in July.

Click here to read the article!





December 5: Attended NEO Manufacturing Cluster Innovation Day

We traveled to Youngstown Ohio to attend the 4Q Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Cluster’s Innovation Day. We did not speak at this event, but we had the opportunity to listen to various individuals speak about their new Additive Manufacturing technologies. It’s always a great experience wrapping up the year by listening to other experts in the industry speak about their  advancement in additive manufacturing!


This was just a glimpse at the amazing things that happened during this year. We are very pleased with 2018 & can’t wait to see what happens in 2019. From all of us at Catalysis, we hope you had a very happy holiday and wish you all the best in 2019!

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